Online Advertising: Honest Answers to the Most Basic Questions

Where can I place online advertisements?

You can advertise online wherever you can think of- from Google search results to reading news on Detik app to during listening to on-demand songs on Spotify.

Following are some of the most popular online advertising options:

GoogleSearch: People see your ad while searching for keywords relevant to your product on search result page
Display: People see your ad on various websites while browsing in form of banners
YouTube: People see your video as well as banner ad while watching videos
UAC: People are given option to download your apps
Social MediaFacebook: Very good medium to reach your customers based on demographics and interest
LinkedIn: Very effective medium for B2B Advertising through sponsored content and InMail options
Quora: Native text ads can be placed based on search topics
Video ChannelsOona: Video ads can be played during content streaming in both web and app versions
Popular Apps Detik: Banner and Interstitial ads can be placed in both web & app version of this very popular movie & events ticket booking platform
Inshorts: Banner and Interstitial ads can be placed on this news platform
Detik: Banner and Interstitial ads can be placed in both web & app version of this very popular movie & events ticket booking platform
Inshorts: Banner and Interstitial ads can be placed on this news platform
Audio AppsSpotify: Both audio and banner ad options are available on audio app
Popular WebsitesPopular Websites: most of the popular content websites monetize through placing ads on their sites

What is the best time to advertise online?

You can advertise anytime you think your target customer is online. With online advertisement, you would be able to control when your customers can view your ads. Some platforms give you an option to set an upper limit for several times a viewer is exposed to your ads.

The best part of online advertising is that you would not need weeks to plan your advertisement except in the case of video or audio ads. Most of the platforms would take about 10 minutes to 24 hours to push your advertisement live.

What products are best suited for online advertising?

You can advertise anything and everything under the sun provided it is compliant with the advertising policies. From artworks to niche chemicals, online advertising can be used to target the potential customers.

Do you think?

  • Online advertising is apt only for B2C customers
  • Only companies having spent in other media should spend online
  • Only companies having an online presence should advertise online
  • Online advertising can be used only to increase website traffic or brand awareness

If you think the answer to any of the abovementioned questions is ‘Yes’ then think again.

The truth is:

  • LinkedIn/B2B Magazine Websites/Business News Websites/Google Search & Display can be a great medium to advertise to B2B customers
  • There are many companies who rely on online advertising only or use online advertising to complement their offline advertising efforts
  • Even if a company doesn’t own a website, it can still opt for online advertising on Google My Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites
  • Online advertising can also be used for lead generation or to close sales

Who can I target through online advertising?

Unlike offline advertising options, there are many filters you can apply while advertising online to reach out to your target audience only.

Few of the examples are:

  • Demographics
  • Average spend
  • Remarketing list
  • Life Events
  • Interest Categories
  • Industry
  • Experience Level
  • Designation in the organization

Is online advertising right for me?

You should advertise online if you

  • Have limited resources to spend and want to maximize results
  • Want to control the inputs and closely monitor the ad performance
  • Need a specific target audience and do not want the ad to be shown to other people
  • Have different sets of the target audience and you want to convey a different message to them

I want to advertise online. What next steps should I take?

Advertising online is quick and hassle-free as compared to other media. It would be helpful if you are clear on the following points:

  • Advertising Goals
  • Target Audience
  • Budget
  • Campaign Period

Following are few suggestions for choosing the right platform according to your advertising needs:

ObjectiveIdeal Advertising Platform
My product is searched for & brought onlineSearch
My Product is researched online but brought offlineGoogle Display
Social Media Platforms
Want to reach out to the decision makers (B2B)LinkedIn
Google Display
Reach out to studentsSocial Media Platforms
Google Display
Running a campaign for supporting my offline advertisingGoogle Display
Lead GenerationFacebook
Traffic generationGoogle Display
App DownloadsGoogle UAC
Mass Reach RequiredFacebook

Following are some of the bidding strategies that you can consider for your campaigns. The best type of strategy would depend on your requirements and budget.

  • CPM: Cost per thousand denotes cost of 1000 marketing impressions
  • CPC: Cost per click is the price you pay for each click on your advertisement
  • CPA: Cost per acquisition or Cost per action is a model where the advertiser pays for a specific action like lead generation, sale, etc.
  • CPI: Cost per install is specific to mobile app installation campaigns

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